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Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters provide quick, cost-effective hot water and are energy-efficient, ideal for areas with accessible natural gas.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters offer easy installation and consistent performance, ideal for homes without access to natural gas.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters deliver endless hot water on demand, are space-saving, and boost energy efficiency by heating water only when needed.

Hot water heater installations, repairs & maintenance services.

Whether you’re looking to install a new hot water heater, maintain your current system, or require urgent repairs, our team of certified professionals is here to help. With a range of options including gas, electric, and tankless water heaters, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Trust us to guide you through the process of selecting, installing, and maintaining the perfect water heater for your home or business.

Water Heater Installations

Our hot water heater installation service caters to both residential and commercial applications, offering gas, electric, and tankless options. We evaluate each property’s water usage and energy needs to ensure we install the system that is best suited for your use case. Our certified technicians complete the installation with a focus on safety, efficiency, and optimal compatibility, ensuring a smooth installation process and reliable long-term hot water supply.

Water Heater Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your hot water heater is crucial for ensuring its efficiency and longevity, whether it’s for residential or commercial use. Our maintenance services cover comprehensive checks, including inspecting for leaks, sediment buildup, and component wear and tear. By addressing these issues promptly, we help prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your water heater. Our team performs routine upkeep tasks, such as flushing the system, testing safety valves, and checking temperature settings, to ensure your unit operates at peak performance, providing reliable hot water when you need it.

Water Heater Repairs

Prompt and efficient repair of your hot water heater is essential to restore its functionality and prevent further damage. You may noticed an increase in your energy bill, your water heater is leaking, and/or your water has an odour or rust colour. Our repair services tackle common issues like leaks, malfunctioning elements, and thermostat problems. We diagnose and fix problems quickly, using high-quality parts to ensure lasting solutions. Our experienced technicians work on both residential and commercial units, aiming to minimize downtime and restore your access to reliable hot water with minimal disruption.

Frequently Asked Questions


Gas water heaters are valued for their rapid heating and cost efficiency, making them suitable for high-demand settings. Electric models are preferred for their straightforward installation and dependability, especially in areas without gas. Tankless units offer on-demand hot water and energy savings, ideal for spaces with limited room and varying demand levels, fitting both residential and commercial applications.

The best choice depends on your specific needs, including energy availability, hot water demand, space constraints, and budget. Residential properties often prioritize convenience and efficiency, while commercial settings might focus on capacity and operational cost. A professional assessment can help determine the most suitable option.

Indicators that it might be time to replace your hot water heater include its age (most last 10-15 years), rust or corrosion on the tank, persistent leaks, insufficient hot water, or increasingly frequent repairs. For commercial properties, efficiency drops and inability to meet demand despite regular maintenance also signal the need for an upgrade. Upgrading can improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and ensure a consistent hot water supply for both residential and commercial settings.

Installation starts with selecting the right unit for your needs, followed by disconnecting the old system (if applicable), properly connecting the new one to your property’s energy source and water supply, and ensuring it complies with local codes and standards. For commercial properties, considerations also include meeting higher demand and adhering to stringent safety regulations.

Regular maintenance, recommended at least once a year, can significantly extend the life of your water heater and ensure its efficiency. This includes checking for leaks, flushing sediment from the tank, inspecting the anode rod, and testing temperature and pressure relief valves. Commercial systems may require more frequent checks due to heavier usage.

If you notice signs of malfunction, such as inconsistent water temperature, discolored water, or unusual noises, contact a professional immediately. Prompt repairs can prevent further damage and restore proper function. For commercial properties, addressing repairs quickly is crucial to avoid operational disruptions.

Yes, tankless water heaters can be an excellent choice for commercial properties, especially when configured to meet the high demand and continuous use typical in such settings. Their energy efficiency and space-saving design make them adaptable to various commercial needs, from restaurants to apartment buildings.

The ideal water heater for a condo depends on available space, energy sources, and hot water needs. Tankless water heaters are often favoured for condos due to their compact size and on-demand heating, which saves both space and energy. Electric models are also a good option if natural gas isn’t readily available, offering easy installation and reliable performance. Our team at Arscott Plumbing & Heating would be happy to assess your specific situation to determine the best fit for your requirements.

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