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At Arscott Plumbing, we offer comprehensive backflow prevention services to help you comply with Ontario's regulations and protect your water supply.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation

We install high-quality, approved backflow prevention devices tailored to your property’s specific needs.

Annual Testing and Maintenance

Our certified experts perform annual tests to ensure your devices are functioning properly and provide any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Documentation and Compliance

We provide all required documentation for your records to prove compliance with local regulations.

Backflow Prevention Services for Commercial Properties

Backflow prevention is essential for safeguarding water systems from contamination, as required by Ontario’s local regulations. Various municipalities enforce by-laws and programs for installing and maintaining these devices. Regular testing and certification by certified professionals are also necessary to ensure their effectiveness and regulatory compliance.


What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when the normal direction of water flow is reversed due to a change in pressures. This reversal can allow contaminants to enter your clean water supply through cross-connections. Common causes of backflow include:

  • Changes in water pressure
  • Breaks in the main water line
  • Heavy water usage within the building

Why is Backflow Prevention Important?

Without proper prevention devices installed, backflow can introduce hazardous substances like pesticides, industrial chemicals, and human waste into your potable water system. This not only poses health risks but also compromises the integrity of your water supply.

Ontario's Backflow Prevention Regulations

In Ontario, commercial properties are required to have backflow prevention devices installed to comply with local water safety regulations. These devices must be inspected and tested annually by a certified professional to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions


A backflow prevention device is a mechanical plumbing fixture installed in a piping system. It prevents water from reversing its flow in the system, which is crucial in preventing contamination of clean water supplies by potentially hazardous contaminants.

Installing a backflow prevention device is not only a regulatory requirement in Ontario for many commercial properties but also a critical measure to protect the public health and safety from water contamination incidents. It ensures that drinking water remains safe and free from pollutants.

Backflow can be caused by back siphonage due to negative pressure in the water system or backpressure, which occurs when the pressure downstream exceeds the supply pressure.

In Ontario, backflow prevention devices must be tested at least once a year. Regular testing ensures that the devices are functioning correctly and can effectively prevent any form of backflow. This testing must be performed by certified professionals.

Only certified backflow testers are qualified to perform these tests. These professionals have received specific training and certification to understand and manage backflow issues, including the proper testing and maintenance of backflow prevention devices.

If your backflow preventer fails during its annual test, it will need to be either repaired or replaced to ensure it can provide adequate protection against backflow. Repairs or replacements must be completed by a certified professional, and the device must be retested following any service to ensure functionality.

Yes, failure to comply with backflow prevention regulations can result in penalties, including fines and potential disconnection of your water service. Continuous compliance ensures that your property remains safe and avoids any legal or health risks associated with water contamination.

Backflow preventers can cause a slight drop in water pressure. However, this is usually minimal and does not affect the overall water supply system. If you experience a significant reduction in water pressure, it may indicate that the device needs maintenance or inspection.

If contaminants enter the water system, they can pose health risks until the system is flushed and the backflow preventer is checked and repaired if necessary.

Commercial backflow prevention services throughout the Hamilton & Niagara Regions

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